3 Simple Steps To Achieve The Body You Desire

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I know how hectic life can be and I’m all about Keeping Things Simple.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed, confused and even scared by all of the information on diet and exercise circulating today.

This often leads to people exercising for countless hours following programs and fitness systems they think will yield results, but never do.

Imagine investing all that time and energy and having little or nothing to show for it.

Is that person you?

Or are you someone who has been sedentary for a decade and is just getting started in fitness but has no idea what to do or where to start.

In this blog I will cover 3 Simple Protocols we use at TFW Pittsburgh to help hundreds of people everyday Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Good.

1. Lift Heavy Things- The TFW System is built around performing simple, functional, compound strength movements such as Squats, Push-Ups, Pulling and Pressing Movements and of course A LOT of CORE! You must first build the foundation!

These movements are essential to your health and fitness, lifting weights will build strength, change your body composition and even help with your self confidence!

The great thing about weight training is you get a lot of “bang for your buck” in a short amount of time.

Most people think in order to get results you need to spend 2 plus hours at the gym or out in the streets pounding the pavement.

This simply isn’t the case.

Short, intense weight training workouts 2 times a week will produce incredible health and fitness benefits!


2. Sprint- Or as we like to say at TFW Pittsburgh Move With Velocity, meaning moving as fast as you can.  All-out sprint workouts are short in duration, burn tons of fat, build muscle, increase energy levels and even kick up that metabolism.

In the TFW system we call this type of training Hurricane Training. These workouts are not only FUN they’re MAJOR FAT burners.


“Sprint” workouts in general don’t always have to consist of running.  You can use an Elliptical, or Bike to perform brief all-out sprint efforts with almost no impact.

Here’s another interesting fact, you don’t need a gym to sprint or move with velocity. You can perform these workouts in your backyard, on a bike trail at the track or a local park.

You can perform a 12-15 minute workout of 6 sprints lasting 10-20 seconds each with 60-90 seconds of rest in between. I would recommend this type of workout once per week, and the results will be incredible.

In fact, incorporating this type of training in your program once per week will have more of impact on your body than countless hours of “chronic cardio”.


3.  Get Up & Move!

Move everyday!

Move as Much as Possible and Never Stop!

Increasing your daily activity or exercising at a low level pace is the final piece to the puzzle as you move in the direction of reaching your goals.

You’ve heard it all before.

  • Take the stairs
  • Park further from the door
  • Use you lunch break
  • Stretch in the am and before bed

But these little things add up!

Here are a few tips to add more movement to your day, implement them right away!

* Meet your friends or take the family for a weekend hike, or walk around the neighborhood or town

* Go for an after dinner walk – Instead of hitting the couch or jumping on Facebook after dinner, grab the kids and the dog and walk the neighborhood for 20 minutes.  This can be a terrific family ritual or tradition that brings everyone closer.

* Wake up and get moving – Start your day with some light stretches, jumping jacks, body weight squats or planks.  Get the dog and take a quiet 5-10 minute walk before your chaotic day begins.

* Take Work Breaks – If you get 45 minutes for lunch, walk the stairs for 10 and take the rest of the time to enjoy your food.  Stand more at your desk, walk around the office or get some fresh air.  It will do wonders for your productivity, stress and energy levels.

Follow these steps to achieve great results, but don’t forget training is just one piece of the puzzle.  Proper eating and ample rest are just as important to achieving the body you desire.

Fitness training is just a tool that should make your life better, reduce your stress, and make you feel great about yourself. Every time you workout keep the focus on your performance and what your body can do. Be proud of your physical abilities and strive to do more!

Do you need help with your fitness and nutrition?  Are you finally committed to achieving the body you desire? Sign-up for the TFW Pittsburgh 28 Day Jumpstart Program. Start your fitness journey today!

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Now lets get after it!!

Coach Kaylee

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