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I want to take a moment and introduce our 6 Week Transformation Challenge Contest Entry Winner!

Congratulations Sarah Adams!!

Now before we get into her story… I wanted to test out a theory I had on a previous challenge. I gave away 5 Free Entries and I had 5 Paid Entries to a 6 Week Challenge. At the end of the challenge, who do you think finished the challenge??

Was it the 5 people who got the challenge for FREE or was it the 5 people who paid?

The 5 that finished the challenge all paid. So this got me to thinking… Why didn’t the people that got in for FREE finish out the challenge. The common factor I came to was it didn’t mean anything to them, they didn’t have anything to lose if they didn’t commit. Now the 5 people that paid they had their investment to lose! Not only money, but time! See these 5 that paid they knew what they wanted to accomplish, they set their goals, they showed up, they planned, they did the work and they gave it their all!

On this contest I had to read through a ton of entries and left and right it was “I just want to do this challenge cuz it’s FREE and I don’t have enough money to afford to get in shape”

That’s just bogus! Don’t let me get started on that excuse! I know what this program can do and I wanted someone to have this opportunity to take advantage of it and change their life!

I read through Sarah’s entry and I could tell from the start she had deep goals to achieve and it wasn’t about the challenge being FREE, it was about the opportunity she would receive.

I want to share with you part of Sarah’s entry with her permission, we want to inspire someone else that is unsure where to start, what to do or even if they can do it…. First step is to decide you want to make a change! And, it has to come from deep inside… that will be your motivation through all the hard times and struggles because let’s face it, there isn’t a short cut around hard work!

Sarah will crush this challenge I have no doubt!!

You will be able to follow Sarah’s Journey as we make this 6 Week Transformation!

“I want a free entry into this contest simply because I want to change my life! I have been obese all my life and this summer I have already been working really hard to lose the weight. Not just for myself, but because I want to keep up with my 2 young children. I want to live life without being restricted by the number on the scale and I really want to love myself. I want my outside appearance to match who I am on the inside. This is not my first try at weight loss, but certainly the first time I have wanted it this bad and the hardest I’ve worked at it.”

“I believe a free entry to this contest would be life changing for me. A chance into this contest is really about helping me believe my goals are not dreams and that I really can reach them. Please help teach me how and I will make it happen, I know I have it in me to make a transformation.”


Follow Sarah’s Journey Week to Week! Stay Tuned…..

~ Coach Kaylee ~

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