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5 Key Strategies To Keep You Focused.

Too often we get caught up in the hype of everyday life. We see perfection almost everywhere we go, we see it on TV, magazines, social media, or at least we see what we perceive as perfection. The truth is, there is no “Perfect”, but there is Progress. Perfection is a state of mind created by the sense of what we think we need to be. The fact is all you need to do is wake up everyday and do your best you can do for that day. Perfection will lead to an isolated view of what you are not and a sense of never ending search resulting in constant feelings of failure and guilt. No one should have to wake up everyday feeling like they never going to reach their potential. Your goals, your life, your daily rituals should be filled with small steps of progress. Progress is what moves you forwards in life. Progress is what helps you reach your true potential. With progress we start the process and with perfection we often never even get started because we already feel that the end goal is too far out of reach.

Obviously, the goal is to have the best life possible every day, but often I see so many of us set our expectations so far out of reach because we feel the need to compare ourselves to others. We see the models, TV stars, supposed reality TV families, and athletes. We see them on TV parading around with perfect skin, the ideal body, the perfect bank account, and it seems like they are always able to work out their family problems with ease. Not only do we see this on TV, but when you go to the store, bookshelves, newsstands, and checkout lines are filled with the same pictures and stories. The issue is that marketing tactics try and trick us into thinking that this is the way we want to look and feel and that we should be able to achieve this with no problem. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself. This may be easier said than done, with all the influence around us, but with the right strategies in place we can get you started in taking back your progress and leaving out the never-ending search for perfection.


Here Are 5 Key Strategies That Help Keep You Focused On Progress:

  1. Make A List of the tasks you need to do every day, and set small attainable goals. Small task are still task and accomplishments. Every win is a win no matter how small they may seem. When you make a written list, you are more likely to commit to getting the task done, than if you don’t.
  2. Focus On The Positive in your life. Find focus on what you Do have and stop fretting on what you don’t have. Often, we can create our own suffering when we focus on all the negatives. Take time to think about what you are thankful for. Focus on all you do have.
  3. Spread Kindness. Showing up everyday and smiling at others, doing simple random acts of kindness, helping people through a tough situation, or even just opening the door for someone. These are all unselfish acts that allow us to focus on others. Good deeds are contagious, and that’s how we spread kindness in the world. Helping others can make you feel good and there is no perfection required.
  4. Too often we don’t act because the timing is not right, money is tight, the kids are busy, work is hectic, and next thing you know time has passed and you have made no progress at all. Let go of the idea that things must be perfect and aligned. Just get started.
  5. Give Yourself A Break. Being perfect is exhausting. Embrace who you are right now. Not who you are going to be, not who you want to be, but the you right now reading this blog. The person you are searching for may never show up and life is too short to waste the person you have right now.

Strive for Progress and Not Perfection. Start showing up everyday being thankful and live the life that you have right now. Stop putting off your health, wealth, relationships, and all that other stuff your carrying around because the time isn’t right. According to many greater authorities on life, the theory is that we were born perfect, as we should be, the way we were meant to be. Perfection was already given to you, now just choose Progress to reach your best life possible.

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