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It’s February already! Now that we are into our second month of the year, how well are you doing sticking to your New Year’s Goals? Some of us have stuck to the commitments that we made, and others not so much. In celebrating the month of love it seemed like the best time to see what the difference is in why some of us have had better success than others, and how we can help to turn that around. Yes, I know there are many of you that think you can go it alone, but really is that the best solution for what you are trying to achieve?

At TFW Savannah we believe that we are better together. I am about to tell you just why adding a familia, partner, friend, or likeminded fitness enthusiast to your workout could be the answer to your success both inside and outside of the gym. Don’t know anyone to partner up with then we have the solution for that too!

Here are 3 Top Reasons why success can be found together.

→ You will be held Accountable. When someone else is depending on you, we don’t want to let them down. Your latest gadget or online program might talk to you, but you can hide from it, ignore it, and even just turn it off. When you have a coach, friend, family member depending on you, it’s kind of hard to hide.  Especially when you enjoy their company and they have the same goals as you. We as people are internally wired to work better as a group.  So when we activate the buddy system it has been proven that you actually challenge yourself harder during your workouts, and are more likely to not skip a day. When was the last time your elliptical or treadmill gave you a high five?

→ You Challenge yourself more. Based on various studies throughout fitness and health they have found that you push and challenge yourself harder during a workout with a partner or group, rather than when you go it alone. When surrounded by those cheering you on, it’s kind of hard not to want to succeed. Even when you are at your limits you find the strength to do more and finish stronger with the help of others that believe in you. We all feel like giving up when we think no one is watching, even all of the fitness pros you see in the news. They surround themselves with coaches and cheerleaders that help push them through every day. Others often see the greatness and potential that we have even when we aren’t aware it exists. Let your life be full of cheerleaders so you can reach your true potential. Others will help push you past your comfort zone, and that is where the magic happens.

→ It’s just more Fun! Plain and simple. Even though we might find ourselves reluctant to share our lives at first, going on a journey with people that share your same goals and lifestyle is priceless. It’s easier to show up when you know you will get a laugh, a hug, a high five, or just a smile. Find what fitness style you like and find a group to do it with and you have no choice but to succeed. Life is tough but living a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t feel like a constant battle. When you change the way you approach your fitness and health goals don’t keep going back to routines and habits in the past that haven’t worked. We do this so that we are comfortable. Instead, step out of your comfort zone and find a small group class, coworker, or friend to go on your journey with. Try a new class, a new exercise, and step out of your comfort zone. Not only will you give yourself a better chance at reaching your goals, but you will burn extra calories through all the laughing, smiling, and don’t forget the High Five’s!


At Training For Warriors Savannah, we believe we are better together. We believe in motivation, laughter, high fives and most of all the success of our students.  After years of personal trials, I had to learn that sometimes it’s better to ask for help and when you can find a group of people that are there for you to laugh with, learn with, and grow with, then success is guaranteed.  When going on your journey to better fitness and a healthier lifestyle it is important to surround yourself with those who think and act as you do.  We lift each other up, we challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves, and we often find our biggest wins where we least expected them.

High Five,

Coach Megan

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