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The Ultimate Guide To Get You Through The Winter Months

It’s that time of the year again!

With the upcoming holiday season comes the increased chances of gaining weight! Such a plainly obvious fact that almost everyone knows but very few take action to keep the pounds off!

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. You could gain anywhere from 1lb to 10lbs in the short time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

You and your family are finally coming down of off the sugar high from Halloween and lurking around the corner are the other two biggest feasts of the year.


Not too shortly after that you’ll be hearing this sentence be muttered among friends and coworkers “I am going to get back in shape Jan. 1st!”

That’s why people call it a New Years Resolution and like 90% of the population you’ll find yourself “Prioritizing Fitness.” Don’t spend the next 3 months living to eat, spend them making yourself feel better and start your New Year’s Resolution Early this year!

So How Here’s The Deal

October, November, and December are THE MOST notorious unhealthy months out of the entire year, so how do you get ahead of this? Its easy really, you treat it just like any other day of the year. 

– Dump the Candy after Halloween and Move on, the only thing worse than 4 week old candy is a lifetime of diabetes. Avoid “Recycling” it and mashing it all up to make one giant sugar filled desert.

– Thanksgiving isn’t permission to put on the “Stretchy Pants” and gorge on everything at the table, pick your favorites, stay with your serving size, and keep the plate colorful.

– While you’re putting together your “List” this year, definitely make sure to check it twice yourself, material things are cool, but so is a few extra years on your life. Try to keep things as fresh as the seven fishes at your table.

What Does Success Look Like?
Success is only a few steps away so try out some of these easy tried and true tips to battle those cravings and stay on track this

1. Set Your Goals BEFORE Jan. 1st
Set yourself apart from everyone this year and don’t set your fitness goals to START on January 1st, have something to work towards by the end of November and then the end of December. You will be more likely to stick with a regimented routine then fall off the beaten path with everyone else come January 15th.

– Choose Attainable Goals (Lose 5lbs in 1 Month, Attend 2-3 Training Sessions per week)
– Change 1 Bad Habit at a time and replace it with a good habit.
– Add Strength Training to your routine and not just hours of Cardio.
– If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Have a plan and take action!

2. A Body In Motion Stays In Motion

Think back to when you were a kid and how frantic your parents got when they had company coming over or how much they had to run around to get the turkey ready or finish their holiday shopping. They started (at least mine did) and never stopped until the day was there! Stay moving with your goals and they will keep you on track throughout the winter.

– Gather up your friends and go for a Light to Moderate walk this will keep you smiling and keep you on the right path. Take the kids out for a stroll, make it a new habit to do together, go for a hike, walk the dog, play some frisbee or even do some stretching.

– If the weather isn’t in your favor and you have access to a treadmill hit some faster more intense intervals to boost your metabolic rate, forget the steadystate cardio.

– Try a workout DVD or check out one of our staple TFW workouts listed below when time is of the essence or you’re in a pinch.

3. Control Your Eating Habits

– Eat In Moderation, you do not need to eat everything in sight. Try to eat until you are 80% full. When filling your plate, watch serving sizes and if you must try everything go for a spoonful of each.

– Ultimately you would want to fill up on the healthy stuff, like protein, salad and veggies, then enjoy those side dishes you consider “Must-Haves” in moderation.

– If it’s a “Must-Have” like Gram’s Pumpkin Cheesecake that she only makes once a year, plan to eat a small slice for dessert, and skip some of those other fatty dishes that you can live without.

– Another trick is to always have a satisfying snack beforehand.


– Last trick if appropriate, bring along a healthy dish of your own to keep yourself from the overly calorie packed items.


4. Up Your H20 Game

Water is an ergogenic aid and helps the body not only process food through the digestive tract, but lubricates muscles and other vital organs. It’s really not that hard to make sure you are staying properly hydrated and its one of the easiest ways to keep you on the right track to make it through the next few months.

*Aim to drink at least one glass of water before you leave the house or on your way into work. Try adding freshly squeezed lime in your glass too to add a bit of flavor. If that’s not your “Cup of Tea” then do exactly that, heat up a glass of green tea or any flavor that suits your needs.



* Bonus Tip *

Stop, Stopping! Stick to your guns and stay with your normal habits, remember the winter months are just like any other time of the year… just with a few more temptations. I mean c’mon if you need an electric tool to cut your meal the only thing you’re going to survive is the zombie apocalypse.

The Bottom Line: Sticking to your healthy lifestyle during the holiday season can be difficult, but there’s no reason to abandon all the progress you’ve made this year for a few “Irresistible” meals. Indulge occasionally, schedule your workouts, plan for nutritious meals, and try to keep a healthy mindset.

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